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Hi, I’m Siya, a student, a passionate reader, a literal binge – watcher and well, a typical drama queen. Thanks for visiting!

I’m writing this blog because I like to gossip about all the shows and movies I watch every now and then! Please do check out my posts and if you like them, do follow the blog to get notifications directly in your inbox about the new posts I publish. (you can find the follow button down on the right-side corner of the page!)

I am new to the blogging community, so, I’ll try my best to write the blogs as good as I can, and make them spoiler-free 😉


I whispered to myself as I clicked ‘Next Episode’.

Everyone say, but they never do


Greenhouse Academy

THRILLER. MYSTERY. SUSPENSE. ROM-COM. The 4 best genres a series/movie can have, because they increase the curiosity in people and make them watch the series/movie till the end! Well, I have my summer vacations started and a reason to tell my mum why my head is always into the TV. So hey peeps! Here IContinue reading “Greenhouse Academy”

Crash Landing On You

Who all here are a true K-drama fan, huh? After the Hallyu wave, I bet almost all of you are! So, here I am with another post on one of the best K-dramas of 2020 – “Crash Landing On You”! PREMISE: Living in two different countries, divided by a border – North Korea and SouthContinue reading “Crash Landing On You”

Alexa & Katie

“Holy mother of dragons!” exclaims Lori as she enters the room and sees Alexa bald! Hey guys, here I am with my first post on the series – “ALEXA & KATIE”….. The true bond of friendship! PREMISE:  Best friends Alexa and Katie are eager to start their freshman year of high school. The two friendsContinue reading “Alexa & Katie”

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