Ben or Paxton?

Okay I know I'm putting myself into a huge debate right now, but someone had to do it. And I know I'm going to get many comments which are against my opinion and quite some which agree with me. I am a firm supporter of Daxton, buttttt I can't say I don't stand by Bevi … Continue reading Ben or Paxton?

TDD is 2!

Hii guys! I know I know I have been dead for quite a few months, but posting on the blog would have been too tiring after attending school, tuitions and then self-studying for board exams, so I thought I'd post directly on the 2nd birthday. And here it is.🥺 This space has helped me put … Continue reading TDD is 2!

Me Before You

Bonjour à tous! How is your life going on? Watched any movies recently? Or binge-listening to any song recently? Tell me everything😤 So, like every post, here are the happenings of my life~ I finished two k-dramas, one was The Tale of The Nine Tailed and the second one was Cinderella and The Four Knights … Continue reading Me Before You