This is The Dramatic Drama and I’m Siya (she/her), a 15 year old , who loves cooking, dancing, reading, binge-watching, drawing/painting and having fun! I love watching/reading rom-coms and mysteries. To be honest, I don’t like watching sci-fi or action so much – but I’m always open to options if it’s a classic! My life has many other things, but I like to care about the ones which give me satisfaction and don’t slip me into boredom. Talking to people – is like, one of the only things I LOVE doing – so if you ever feel like talking to someone, here I am – always ready!

I’m writing this blog because I like to gossip about all the shows and movies I watch every now and then, and I may also write about books! Please do check out my posts and if you like them, do follow the blog to get notifications directly in your inbox about the new posts I publish.

Why did I start this blog?

Well, I’m the kind of person who writes down her feelings other than telling someone about it, because if I start talking, no one can stop me! I didn’t really like watching TV so much before the pandemic, the only thing I used to watch for an hour, after coming home from school, used to be Shinchan (and c’mon, who didn’t?). After watching the same episodes airing again and again, I used to wonder what to watch. That was the time when people began using OTT platforms, including me! So, I had fun watching and blabbering the stories of everything I watched, to my friends!

A huge reason why you are reading this is Shruvi @ The Shamelessly Bookstruck. We are best friends in humans, not only in the blogosphere! We got to the same school, we are in the same class and we are 90% each other. And when the lockdown started last year, she had this idea of writing a blog and I decided to join in! So, this is how The Dramatic Drama actually came into being!

Some facts about me –

  • I’m a HUGE extrovert, to start with – I always need people around me!
  • I’m an Aries and I guess it somewhat suits my personality!
  • I live in India and I’m the younger daughter in a family of 4.
  • My favorite colors are Turquoise, Teal, Aqua – all the colors which come under the category of being aesthetic and I’m a big fan of pastel shades!
  • I plan on becoming a Chef or an Actor.
  • I’m a chatterbox, which makes it hard for me to be discreet.
  • I like reading, watching TV shows, dancing, drawing/painting, acting, cooking and baking – no wonder my dad says that I’ll have to put a lot of thought into my future!
  • I dream about going on a World tour.


I whispered to myself as I clicked ‘Next Episode’.

Everyone say, but they never do

I promise to not bore you throughout any post and add some fun into it! If you want to gossip with me about any of it, then do comment on posts or, to personally talk to me, just send me a mail on : thedramaticdrama@gmail.com.

Do follow the blog, if you like it, to get notifications directly in your inbox! Loving you always, Siya! ❤