Merryyyy Chritmasss!

Ahh it’s Christmas already! I’m not able to sink in that there are only 6 days left of 2021!

How is your Christmas going on?? What’s the plan for today? I’m so excited to know what you guys do on Christmas because I know every family has a different way of celebrating it!

Usually every year, me and my sister decorate the Christmas tree 2 days early and then mom and dad keep gifts for us under the tree on 25th (which, I like to believe is Santa), which we open in the morning – and that’s the only thing I wait for, every. year.😂

This year my sister’s off to college so we couldn’t do it together. But, I guess I did a pretty good job alone –

Does it look good?

“The true blessing of Christmas is not in the gifts we receive, it’s in the family that sits around the tree and makes this festival one of love and happiness.”

It’s about the people who surround you, the people who care about you, the people who love you, and the people who are always there for you no matter what! May your Christmas be full of all things wonderful. I hope y’all have a beautiful Christmas and New Year!

I still haven’t got my gifts yet🤧 but once I do, you guys are gonna be the first one to know what I got, so stay tuned💃🏻

Also, for the bloggers who did Blogmas this year, I know it’s the last day but just know that you brought a smile on the face of your readers by posting new things everyday. It’s not possible for anyone to post everyday, yeah you can be posting late sometimes but just know that we understand you being late. You did a veryy amazing job and I loved reading all the posts. I couldn’t comment on some, but that’s just because I wasn’t in town, but the fact that I liked your post – I read them, I did not just like and leave! AND I WILL DO BLOGMAS NEXT YEAR…..but only if 10th doesn’t give me a burden whole of studies to do🥲

Your friendship and love are the best gift I’ve ever recieved! Reading your comments, replying to them, reading your posts, commenting on them, finding new friends, discovering new blogs, doing new things, writing reviews, getting nominated for awards and tags, and being speechless for the love you give – these are things that I’m grateful for. And I know that the blogosphere is the happiest place I’ve ever been to and will continue to be in.





SIYA! ❤️

39 thoughts on “Merryyyy Chritmasss!

  1. Heyyy! Merry Christmas!!! I guess you already know what I do for Christmas! Just today morning my sister was telling me how much I will have to study in 10 th grade 😣
    Hopefully it is easier than I am imagining!! Have a great day!

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    1. Merryyy Christmas, Aarushi!🎄
      Ahh yes we already talked about it💫
      Omgg I knoww, I have a few friends who are in 10th and I see them studying so hard and not being free half of the time….it makes me worry about what our condition will be next year😭
      Yess let’s hope it’ll be easy and we give our best🤧
      Have a great dayyy💕

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  2. Merry Christmas, Siya!! Lovely decoration💕💕
    Ohh dear, Don’t worry your 10th will be pretty good and it’s easy😅😂😅 Yeah, I know I already did that that’s why it seems easy to me but, it actually is!! And rest all I’ll help you out, hopefully!😊❤❤

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  3. Aww, such a lovely post! Your Christmas tree is wonderful! Even I can’t believe that 2021 is ending….(that moment when you realise 2022 sounds like 2020 too).😅 Anyways, enjoy your Christmas, stay safe, stay happy! Merry Christmas!

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