Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Heyy guyss! I can’t believe there are only 2 days left for Christmas! As Phoebe Buffay famously said ‘Happy Christmas Eve Eve’😂

I hope y’all are having a great time. So many bloggers are doing Blogmas this year and am having so much fun reading all your posts! Even I wanted to participate but December was busy with exams and everything and I knew I won’t be able to post everyday, but reading your posts just make my day!

Also, thank you so much for 150 followers, I really can’t wait to reach 200 and share another milestone with you….you guys are great! I still remember the days when the only followers I had were my friends, but now I keep on making new friends every day!❤

I’ll try writing a post on Christmas and do something creative…drop some ideas if you have any!💫

I’ve got a sore throat today and I just want it to get better as soon as possible😭 because I’m so excited for Christmas and meeting my friends for a party!!💃🏻

I’ll take your leave and keep this post short! Have fun and I hope you are all ready with your Chrsitmas decorations up on the wall🎄




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