The ‘Know Your Buddy’ Tag ft. Riya

Hiii! So today we’ll be doing the Know Your Buddy Tag and by “we”, I mean me and Riya @Hmmm… And if you still haven’t checked out her posts and the talent she has to write poems🤌🏻, I cannot believe you! You really should do that first, go follow her, and then read the rest of my post🥺

And yayy, this is my first collab!! Thank you so much, Riya for doing it with me! It makes me feel good that I did it with youuu😙 I love how our names rhyme with each other, Siya and Riya😂. Okay, anyways, I should get started-


  • Tag the original creators of this tag – Tallblondetales and Proxywords – and tag the original posts from each of their blogs. If you do, you’ll be eligible for the roundup post and grand ‘Know Your Buddy’ tag winner! If not, you can still take part in the tag you just won’t be a contender for the overall winner. 
  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you (and your buddy), share the badge and rules in your post. 
  • Pick a blogger with whom you’d like to do this tag with, answer the questions together, and share each other’s answers on both the blogs.
  • Nominate 10 new Bloggers and keep spreading the love.
  • Notify the bloggers (tell them you nominated them) by commenting on one of their posts.

We both were nominated in the tag by different people, so we decided to do it to together! Thank you so much, Pannaga @State Of Craze for tagging me!! I was so happy when I was nominated for this tag!!🤍🤍

And also, the text in bold are the questions, the normal text are Riya’s answers and the text in Italics are my reactions!


1. What is your favorite blog post of mine and why?

I love your one of us is lying post.. it was very convincing, and I read the book cuz of it😁✌🏻

Omg okay first, I didn’t know you read the book after reading my post. Ahh that feels so good and I hope you loved reading it!🤧

2. What would you like to be known for – your name or your Blog name? 

I think both… known for my blog on the wordpress community and for my name in my locality

Yeah, I agree with that. Your blog is already pretty known on WordPress✨

3. If you had to swap niches, which niche would you change to?

I would change my niche to philosophical posts… I have great ideas sometimes and even tho I am not good at expressing them I would love to try.

You should try it out sometime! Judging your poems, I guess you’ll be able to write quite well about philosophical stuff.😌

4. What is the weirdest comment you have ever gotten about your blog?

It was not really weird.. but on my previous blog someone mentioned that my writing was very simple to understand.. it was weird because at the time I thought that my poems were very basic and I didn’t use a huge vocabulary.. so I was sad about that. But later I realised they just meant my poems were very relatable and people can understand the meaning/feeling behind them so I stuck with the same style😂😂

Haha your poems are totally relatable and I just love themmm! Keep writing them in your style….it’s the best!!🥺

5. Do you think cereal is soup? why or why not?

No comment🙂🙂

But I would really like to say – CEREAL IS NOT SOUP, IT IS JUST MEANT FOR MILK!

6. If you had a controller that has the power to rewind or fast forward, which one would you press on WordPress?

Fast forward.. to see if I will restart writing on my previous blog with my friend someday😅

Aww that’s sweet, I hope you guys do that soon!💖

7. Your blog is chosen to sponsor a charity. If funds were not an issue, which charity or issue would your blog choose to support?

Well, I am not trying to be pessimistic but, saving the earth sounds useless to be sponsoring. Everyone is doing that and its awareness has risen. I would rather sponsor a charity for space research and settlements on other planets/moons.

I agree, the awareness for saving the environment has already risen a lot already. Other things also need a little attention! And the idea is so great!🌈

8. If you two were to be buddy characters in a movie, which characters would you be and why?

We would be max and el from stranger things.. because I want to be cool and I want siya to have superpowers so she can protect me

I wanna steal your answer now! Why did my mind not think of this beforeeee!!😭 You really are gonna make me emotional now, riya🤧

9. Which is the most boring part of posting blog posts for you, or what part of posting a blog are you laziest about doing?

Replying to comments. Don’t get me wrong.. I love reading them.. but I kinda let them accumulate and don’t reply for days😂 I love the support and kind words.. but like seriously I have a hard time deciding what to reply😬😬I don’t know waaaat to say.

Lol, I can relate so much🥲

10. What are the unwritten rules of your blog?

Post something that I like. Don’t post just because it is Saturday and others expect a post. Publish something only if you want to. Make everyone feel welcome. Feel free to be funny n sarcastic.. but not mean.

Soo true😌

11. If you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?

Lol.. I love bunnies the most but I wouldn’t like to be one. I would say a macaw/parrot.. but technically its a bird, not an animal😂

Parrots are veryy pretty and haha you can mimic people and make fun of them😂😂

12. If your blog had a superpower/magical element, what would it be?

Sending a post/poem to a person when they really need to read that.. and feel ‘not alone’

Ahh, I wish everyone had that!🥲

13. What reminds you of me?

A younger sister like the one that lives in my imagination💞😭😁

Awww you’ll make me cry now🤧🤧

14. If you were given the power to exchange Blogs for a day, which thing will you change or adapt first?

Let me think… the name of the author.😂everything “by siya” will change to “by riya”. And the about me page😂😂

Oh my lord, I am laughing so hard right now. The answer is so apt, but yet I found it so funny😂😂

15. What new username would you give to my Blog?

Dunno..this one really suits the posts as well as ur personality😂 how does “Never enough drama” sound?

It sounds so goooood, like it suits me a lot😂🙊


(okay, so I am gonna be nominating 5 people and Riya is going to be nominating 5 so don’t forget to check out her post as well!!)

  1. Ritz @Living, Loving and Reading
  2. Shruvi @The Shamelessly Bookstruck
  3. Nehal @Quirky Pages
  4. Blue @Territory Of The Blueberry
  5. Inky @Sosoorna’s Boring Blog (which tbh, isn’t at all boring)

Ahhhh I cannot believe this is over! I loved doing it with you, Riya! I hope we do more collabs in the future because this was just soo much fun. Check out Riya’s post – here!!🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️

Okay guys, that’s all for this post! I hope y’all have fun doing the tag and thanks for reading! And whoever out there wants to do it, is seriously free to do it! And if you don’t want to do it, even that’s your decision!🌻 Spread love and peace!❤️




36 thoughts on “The ‘Know Your Buddy’ Tag ft. Riya

  1. 😭so many cool comments!!! GOD i seriously don’t know what to say..
    Hehe.. our rhyming names are quite the charm!!🤩🤩 loved doing this with you … see ya again someday for another collab siya😂💖💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I knowww…I was speechless but of course, had to reply everyone😂
      Haha it’s the best thing….Siya and Riya😂😂❤
      Even I would love to do it againn!! Can’t wait for one more collab😍

      Liked by 1 person

    And about replying to comments. Ahem. I relate too-
    This was fun to read, hahaha.
    Thank you very much for nominating me!
    But I haven’t been on WordPress for that long, and I am not close with anyone here… I doubt I will do this. But thank you, Siya! I really appreciate it. =)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. haha😂😂😂
      I know right, many people can relate to that mhm-
      Glad you liked it, Bluee💙
      Ahhh no probss, I hope you have fun doing it!!💕
      It’s okay, I hope you find some buddies soon to do this tag!🌻

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, ummm, is that even a question? Is cereal a soup?? Of course it is not.
    Anyways, I absolutely loved the post. It was hilarious to read Riya’s answers and Siya’s commentary.
    Thanks a lot for nomnating me!

    Liked by 1 person

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